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The new Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) are coming soon!

An informational brochure is available here.

Follow the link below for practice tests and information on the tests our students will be taking.

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We need your help!

Every call made to a
classroom is an interruption
in teaching time and a
distraction to students
& teachers.

Please help us eliminate these
distractions by sending your
child's "things" in with them
in the morning. Homework brought
to the office will be put in teachers'
mailboxes only.

Student Hours:
8:00am - 2:15pm
Every Monday early release at 1:15pm

Monday March 2:

Ranger Chorus 1:15PM
Peer Tutors 1:15PM
Webby Cheer 1:30PM

Tuesday March 3:
Percussion 7:15AM
Webby Dance 2:30PM

Wednesday March 4:
Percussion 7:15AM
Chess Club 2:15PM
Peer Tutors 2:15PM

Art Show 4PM-6PM
Conference Night

Thursday March 5:
Spring Pictures
Percussion 7:15AM
Cadet Chorus 2:15PM
Golf Squad 2:30PM

Friday March 6:

Spring Pictures
Percussion 7:15AM
Webby Hip Hop 2:30PM

March Madness 5PM
@ Farnell Middle

March 9 - 13
Spring Break!!

Important dates coming
soon to Deer Park:

March 4
Conference Night
Art Show

March 6
March Madness

March 9-13
Spring Break

March 20
Ranger Round Up

March 27
End of 3rd grading period
All Pro Dad's Breakfast
Student of the4 Month Awards

April 2
Field Day

April 3
No School

Last Modified: Feb 18, 2015